Discover the magic of Colombia with our one-week Spanish immersion trip!

Immersive Trip to Colombia Explore Learn Connect!

Join us for a unique experience where you can put your Spanish skills to the test while exploring the lush nature and vibrant culture of this beautiful country.

This is what you will do in Colombia

The immersion trip to Colombia lasts one week. Includes accommodation. You will stay in a hotel and an eco-hotel, surrounded by stunning views of nature and native bird species. breakfast included. Transportation to and from José María Córdoba Airport and internal transportation during the trip are also included to ensure your comfort.


You will enjoy the traditional Colombian farms. You will learn about the production processes of coffee, panela and cocoa, and you will even participate in interactive activities

Connect with nature

You will explore Colombia's natural wonders, from breathtaking waterfalls to breathtaking mountain trails that will leave you speechless.

Interaction with the Local Community

You'll have the opportunity to practice your Spanish in real-life situations by engaging with friendly and welcoming locals.

Colombian cuisine

We can't forget the delicious Colombian cuisine. You will enjoy traditional Colombian food and learn about our fruits.


The immersion trip to Colombia lasts one week. Includes accommodation. You will stay in a hotel and in an eco-hotel, breakfast included. Transportation to and from José María Córdoba Airport and internal transportation during the trip are also included to ensure your comfort.

Just as the sun sets at the end of the day, remember that every sunset is an opportunity to reflect, learn and prepare for a new dawn full of possibilities.

Even on cloudy days, remember that behind the clouds, there is always a clear sky. Stay focused, overcome challenges, and keep moving forward toward your goals

Every dawn brings new opportunities. Rise with determination, face the day with courage and pursue your goals with passion.

Available date

This experience can be enjoyed for only 2500 USD

Day 1

One day in Medellín

Day 2

Aromas de Café

Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

An exquisite tour for chocolate

Day 6


This day promises to be a perfect blend of cultural immersion, culinary delights and relaxation. Prepare to create indelible memories.

Day 7

Renewal Day: Outdoor Spa and Sensory Experiences

I have a gift for you.

Download now our Free Ebook: "Unlock Colombia: 30 expressions every Spanish student needs". 🇨🇴✨ Prepare for your trip to Colombia by mastering key expressions that will help you communicate like a local resident. This Ebook is essential to your preparation, as it will give you a unique advantage in understanding how Colombians speak: 30 essential expressions that will make your experience even more unforgettable! To further facilitate your learning, some expressions have QR codes that will take you to explanatory videos - get ready to discover the richness of Colombian Spanish!

We hope you enjoy this gift and that it helps you on your exciting trip to Colombia!

As a Spanish tutor, many students often ask me about the best way to learn words that are used in Colombia. So I decided to give you this material containing 30 words you will hear in Colombia.

    This trip is exclusive - only 5 students.

    This trip is for YOU IF
    Your level of Spanish is equal or higher than A2 level. Class subjects are adjusted to basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

    Age: This trip is designed for students over 18 years old.

    Health and mobility: Participants are recommended to be in good physical condition and able to move around easily. This will ensure a complete experience, even in the 30-minute hiking activities. In addition, for convenience and safety, we offer the option of arriving by car to three of the activities. If you are a non-swimmer, a life jacket will be provided when we visit the river.

    The price of the experience is $2500 USD. This amount covers all the aspects detailed in the trip description, guaranteeing a complete and enriching experience during your stay.

    The trip includes

    Welcome kit.
    Accommodation in a private room
    Transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the Ecohotel to the airport, as well as transportation to each of the tours during the 7 days.
    Local tour guide for each of the activities we will do.
    One Spanish class per day.
    Breakfast included
    Fruits as snack
    All risk insurance for the excursions
    Hotel insurance: however, the student must have an additional travel insurance that covers accidents.
    Photographic record of the trip with a professional cameraman on some tours.
    To secure your place, please make the first payment of $500 as soon as possible. Subsequently, you will have the option to cover the remaining balance (2,000 USD) in up to 3 payments, which you can complete up to 20 days before the start date. If you prefer to make payments in installments, contact us using the WhatApp link on this page or send us an email to and we will be happy to help you.

    This trip is exclusive and only 5 students are admitted.

    Airfare and any other expenses NOT mentioned here are NOT included in the price. Travelers must be sure to arrive at the José María Córdova airport in Medellín, Colombia.


    Emine Eyidogan
    Emine Eyidogan
    Flora es una muy buena profesora y muy simpática. Se puede aprender muchas cosas, especialmente, sobre la cultara colombiana y otros países de Latinoamérica. Me gusta mucho los diferentes métodos que ella incluye en las clases online.
    David Chege Ndungu
    David Chege Ndungu
    Learning Spanish with Spanish Expedición is resourceful for anyone who is interested or wishes to learn, understand, communicate in and interact with Spanish speakers. I have spent a year learning Spanish under the feet of teacher Flora. I undoubtedly attest that she has immensely helped me to master and be fluent in Spanish. She is a kind, patient and dedicated teacher who has the best of the learners at heart. Spanish Expedición with teacher Flora offers a golden opportunity for enculturation into Spanish culture and traditions.
    Nicole Jacobson
    Nicole Jacobson
    I have been in Flora’s virtual conversation club since last year and it’s been a great way to keep up my Spanish and practice with native and non native speakers from around the world. Highly recommend as a way to challenge yourself and build/maintain fluency in a variety of topics.
    marie-christine faucoeur
    marie-christine faucoeur
    Je donne mon avis de la recommande vivement.J' ai fait de la conversation en individuel avec Flora .Elle m a énormément fait progressé en mêlant cours et conversation autour de thèmes sociétaux ,culturels en me faisant découvrir la Colombie .Elle s'adapte aux rythmes et aux besoins de chacun .
    Marília Ávila
    Marília Ávila
    ¡Flora es una excelente maestra, muy dedicada a ayudarnos! ¡Las clases son muy interesantes y me encanta participar del Club de conversación!
    Luzineide Ribeiro
    Luzineide Ribeiro
    Estudar Espanhol com a Flora -Spanish Expedicion é uma experiência incrível. Além de aprender Espanhol, também temos a oportunidade de aprender mais sobre a cultura Colômbiana e da América do Sul. Tive a oposição de conhecê-la pessoalmente e participar de alguns tours com ela. Foi uma verdadeira imersão no idioma e na cultura. Eu super recomendo. Vocês irão amar a experiência. Se abram para o novo e se deem a oportunidade para aprender mais.
    Ivanna Ibarra
    Ivanna Ibarra
    Viajar con Spanish Expedición, ha sido fantástico 🤩 Flora es muy simpática y amable y sabe mucho sobre la naturaleza que rodea la inmersión. Las actividades son 100% interactivas, donde podrás practicar español en espacios totalmente seguros y reales. No hay pérdida con esta inmersión 🫶🏼
    Valeria Fumagalli
    Valeria Fumagalli
    È il posto ideale se vuoi migliorare o praticare il tuo Spagnolo online o visitare la Colombia. Flora fa sentire gli studenti a proprio agio nel parlare
    David Merander
    David Merander
    Flora is a very good teacher and I would recommend anyone interested in speaking Spanish like a native to take part in her courses and immersion travels.
    Shubhangi Pathak
    Shubhangi Pathak
    I would recommend you to join Spanish Expedicion classes if you are interested in learning Spanish. Flora gives an authentic touch to language learning by discussing the colloquial terms and phrases.
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