Discover the magic of Colombia with our one-week Spanish immersion trip!

Immersive Trip to Colombia Explore Learn Connect!

Join us for a unique experience where you can put your Spanish skills to the test while exploring the lush nature and vibrant culture of this beautiful country.

This is what you will do in Colombia

We will stay in a hotel in Medellín and then in a charming rural farm with swimming pool, surrounded by breathtaking views of nature and native bird species.


You will enjoy the traditional Colombian farms. You will learn about the production processes of coffee, panela and cocoa, and you will even participate in interactive activities

Connect with nature

You will explore Colombia's natural wonders, from breathtaking waterfalls to breathtaking mountain trails that will leave you speechless.

Interaction with the Local Community

You'll have the opportunity to practice your Spanish in real-life situations by engaging with friendly and welcoming locals.

Colombian cuisine

We can't forget the delicious Colombian cuisine. You will enjoy traditional Colombian food and learn about our fruits.


The immersion trip to Colombia lasts one week. It includes accommodation. You will stay in a hotel in Medellin and in a comfortable and cozy rural farm with all the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay, breakfast included. Transportation to and from the Jose Maria Cordoba airport and internal transportation during the trip are also included to ensure your comfort.

Just as the sun sets at the end of the day, remember that every sunset is an opportunity to reflect, learn and prepare for a new dawn full of possibilities.

Even on cloudy days, remember that behind the clouds, there is always a clear sky. Stay focused, overcome challenges, and keep moving forward toward your goals

Every dawn brings new opportunities. Rise with determination, face the day with courage and pursue your goals with passion.

Available date

This experience can be enjoyed for only 1899 USD.

Day 1

One day in Medellín

Day 2

Aromas de Café

Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

An exquisite tour for chocolate

Day 6


This day promises to be a perfect blend of cultural immersion, culinary delights and relaxation. Prepare to create indelible memories and embrace the warmth and beauty of the Colombian countryside.

Day 7

Renewal Day: Outdoor Spa and Sensory Experiences

I have a gift for you.

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We hope you enjoy this gift and that it helps you on your exciting trip to Colombia!

As a Spanish tutor, many students often ask me about the best way to learn words that are used in Colombia. So I decided to give you this material containing 30 words you will hear in Colombia.

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