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In 2020 I started teaching Spanish classes for foreigners online, my goal at that time was to have a job from home, it did not take me long to understand that what I was doing was much more important than I thought, since many people were interested in learning my native language and know Colombia. That is how in the year 2022 I was advising several Spanish students interested in spending a few weeks in my country, I made two tours in Antioquia and thus was born this idea that includes from volunteering, to group language immersion excursions, where students can travel to natural places with the possibility of enjoying a vacation while learning about Colombian culture.

I dream of a world where the stereotype of Colombia related to the Narcos series is eliminated, Colombia is much more than that and I will prove it to you.
Today I continue to teach my language online, I remain focused on bringing Colombian Spanish to many corners of the world. Providing a personalized and quality service adding the option to practice Spanish in my country.

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To be recognized internationally as a reference in ideal scenarios for the practice of Spanish as a foreign language and in the promotion of Spanish-speaking tourist destinations. Offering students the opportunity to learn about the cultural and natural richness of Colombia, fostering intercultural exchange and dialogue.


Our mission is to offer our visitors the best language immersion experience, while promoting and preserving the environment and cultural diversity of our region in a responsible and sustainable manner. In addition, we are committed to making each trip unique and memorable for our students, providing a wide range of destination options and activities, along with exceptional service and personalized attention, working in collaboration with local communities to ensure mutual benefit.

My values

Social responsibility

To contribute to the sustainable development and conservation of our natural territory by promoting responsible and environmentally friendly tourism practices.


Adaptation to the needs of visitors, offering different modalities and flexible schedules both in terms of the sites to be visited and the subjects to be learned.

Diversity exposure

Provide visitors with the opportunity to learn and interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures.


Work together and learn from each other in a mutually supportive and helpful environment.


Respect others, regardless of their origin, race, gender or beliefs.


Encourage continuous learning and personal development through language and culture.


Encourage creativity and innovation in language learning and in our relationships with others.

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